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Suck My Left One
electro // riotgrrrl // punk // queercore // girlpunk

Taking the early 90s Washington and Olympia Riot Grrrl scene as a starting point, Suck My Left One is a riot of 90s punk and hardcore, trashy feminist electro-pop, 80's post-punk, and new unearthed ladyfesters from around the world. It's going back to the subversive side of 60s girl groups and forward to unearth new music from queers, grrrls, zinesters, punks, freaks and electro-geeks carrying the torch of Revolution Girl Style Now!

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Clit Rock
07/05/2012 // Unnamed Episode

The latest episode of Suck My Left One finds us thrashing our hair around, with one foot up on the monitor and our crotch thrusting in yr face. From 80s LA all-girl hair rockers The Pandoras, to London's We Rock Like Girls Don't; from L7 to Scorpion vs Tarantula, tonight's episode is all about women turning it up to 11.

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