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Subcity On The Fringe
comedy // dance // theatre // music

Broadcasting from their secret base deep inside Summerhall, Vile and Niall bring you the first Subcity show live from the Edinburgh Festivals. Mixing up comedy, theatre, dance and music, a parade of guests chat about the highs and lows of the annual performance extravaganza to a soundtrack of appropriate music. Expect Vile's usual low research, shambolic on air presence, top tips for discerning audiences, interesting music and a flavour of a city transformed by the magic of art and the misery of rain.

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Barry Morgan, KTO, Boy In A Dress
20/08/2012 // Barry Morgan, KTO, Boy In A Dress

Once upon a time, Barry Morgan was just a salesman. Now he is an international ambassador for the joys of his organ and street smart style. Be amazed at the magic of his one finger technique, before the tome switches and the director of KTO arrives and talks about The Blind (that huge show in the Quad).

Finally, Vile's favourite show of the Fringe, Boy in a Dress, gets featured: La Johnjoseph is insightful and thoughtful, proving that postmodern philosophy need not be difficult and burlesque need not to be dumb glamour.

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