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Strength in Numbers
indie // glasgowmusic // varied // interview

Glasgow is Europe's capital of rock music (at least according to Time magazine). Each episode of this show looks back (but not always that far back) at the music, the people and the places that have made the city a centre for popular music over the last thirty years (and counting). We will be featuring tracks from bands and artists who have been, or are, based in Glasgow, interviewing scenesters from over the years, and discussing what exactly gives the city its creative edge (and not just in music).

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Glasgow in 1979
13/08/2013 // Glasgow in 1979

This show takes a look at Glasgow's music scene in 1979. It features music from local bands active that year, and who were releasing music on both small independent labels and on the majors. The show also includes an interview with Jonzip McNeil from The Zips - a punk band from 1979 (which also reformed in the 2000s).

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