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Straight Outta Woodlands
hiphop // rnb // grime // rap // gangsterrap

Ladies and gentlemen, you are now about to witness the strength, of street rap. Presenting the biggest and best tracks from the world of hip hop, RnB and rap, Straight Outta Woodlands is the place to here quality tunes every week. Featuring the finest examples of the genre from both the UK and across the pond this is the show for true fans of rap (so if you like Vanilla Ice, best listen elsewhere).

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You are now about to witness...
28/09/2009 // History of Rap, lesson 1

Tune in for lesson 1 in your essential guide to the history of rap. This will be the first of many shows where we take one classic album or artist from the glorious past of hip hop and tell you the story behind it. We're keeping the first one a secret, but expect some real gems and a look at the music being created now that has it's roots in this classic outfit. It's the next episode...

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