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techno // house // disco // rnb // rap

Stereotone aims to present a huge range of musical styles (with at least one eye being kept on the dancefloor at all times) in a way that makes sense and emphasises the common thread running through most (if not all) musical genres, rather than drawing lines in the sand and pigeonholing sound. But, as academic as that sounds, in practice it's hopefully fun and exciting to listen to. From Mariah Carey to Drexcia, from Sunn O))) to Millie Jackson. Music is loved for many different reasons and when a record is heard in a context you had never heard it in before, you can find a reason to love it that you'd never come across before. That being said, Stereotone started as a club night and the club as a space will always be at the forefront of it's ideology. But finding away around the set of rules that are created by a soundsystem and a dark room, whist still keeping people firmly on the dancefloor, is what the show is all about.

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Stereotone Show 15/11/17
15/11/2017 // Unnamed Episode

Wheelman takes the reins for 2 hours!

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