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Spirits Rejoice
dub // improvisedmusic // deepjazz // anticapitalist // electronicspirituals

Perhaps the first ever radio programme based around fundamental principles of uncertainty. A show that isn't afraid to ask the big questions and then never, ever answer them! A show that's willing to go beyond, beyond the beyond and a little bit further than that. There will be deep jazz, electronic spirituals and dubs from the far side of saturn.

The Spirits Rejoice Manifesto from episode 1:

"The initial idea was for a show based around spiritual jazz, but the more that I thought about it, the more the show's remit expanded.

My current idea is a show based around spiritual music in the broadest possible sense, because to me, almost every kind of music an innate spiritual quality. I wholeheartedly acknowledge that this definition is a total cop out. But if I explain my thoughts on spirituality, it might become a bit more clear.

When I talk about spirituality, I'm not talking about any kind of organised religion. What I'm talking about instead is a kind of humble open-mindedness towards abstract ideas like the human soul, or spirits, or just any kind of higher function of the universe which we currently have no understanding of. That's different from blind faith, I think of it simply as having a relationship with the unknown.

I'm sure that every person [reading] this has had some kind of emotional experience which felt so palpable in the moment, and then defied explanation when reflected upon later. I believe that the closest we can come to describing or evoking these unknowable experiences is through art and music. Music especially can talk to you, and it can move you in mysterious ways: emotionally, physically or even occasionally geographically. It can effect you in ways that are simultaniously universal and highly personal.

So these are the kinds of ideas and the kinds of music I would like to present to you on the show. Music to cultivate a relationship with the unknown. In his book about the Square, the Italian artist and designer Bruno Munari makes reference to a Japanese proverb that describes infinity as 'a square... without corners'. So if I had to come up with a pithy description of what this show is supposed to be, I think I might say that it is a soundtrack for a square without corners."

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   03:00 - 04:00
   Wed, 18/11/2020
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