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Speculative Books Radio
spokenword // poetry // conversation

Speculative Books Radio is a poetry and spoken word show run by the speculative books publishing house. Every month we will have some guests in to talk about poetry and perform live. We will also have some live recordings of poetry and chat about what we are up to and what the community is up to! Come in to the Bookshop!

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   18:00 - 19:00
   Thu, 14/06/2018
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The Bookshop Episode 2
17/05/2018 // The Bookshop Episode 2

Another week at the bookshop!

Thanks for coming along again it's great to see you.

This week we will be joined by Chris McQueer! His going to be talking about his newest novella 'Leatherd' which launches on May 26th at SubClub.

So come along to the bookshop!

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