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the spectrum of prog
rock // modern // metal // prog // complex

This is a show dedicated to the wide arching spectrum of the progressive genre of rock and metal music. We will explore and celebrate the thought provoking musical intricacies found in bands of both the rock and metal branches of prog, such as Pink Floyd, King Crimson, Dream Theater, Tool, Opeth, Porcupine Tree and The Mars Volta, all known for winding compositions that rely on odd-time signatures and experimentation with sound, structure and genre conventions, combining often lyricism and refined musicality with sudden outbursts of primal rock/metal riffs and choruses. This show also aims to be informative to the extent that there will be commentary that can situate listeners in the historical, musical and cultural context of prog, its temporal setting, musical influences and legacy and the importance of lyrics in the music that is often connected to political and social issues of every given time. While we will explore the whole spectrum in most episodes, many episodes will be dedicated to chosen themes such as a specific decade, the legacy of one band/musician, side projects of the musicians of one particular band and more.

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What is prog

Episode #1 will introduce novice and experienced listeners to prog rock and metal with a wide and rich array of classic and rare tunes from pioneers and lesser known and celebrated bands. Each song will serve as food for thought on what prog is and why it is a genre and artistic field worthy of celebration!

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