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Special Treatment
comedy // chat // variedmusic // experimental // easylistening

Special Treatment is special. The show had its Subcity debut in 1996 in the comedy slot, going onto occupy slots in drive time and breakfast until its final season in Winter 2008. Its 3-year tenure straddled all times of the day, all kinds of music and all kinds of topics – imagine ‘The One Show’ for the radio, except entertaining and informative and nothing to look at except your own toes. Or maybe a cat sitting on a towel. We had some heady times: like the time when Dr Baker deejayed from behind John Peel’s knees ~ it was all par for the course. Special Treatment was special. Presented by Benjamin Baker [a.k.a Innes Smith, who has since gone on to make radio comedy for BBC Scotland and (the short lived) Channel 4 Radio], and Produced by Jeff Santana [a.k.a the legendary mash-up legend DJ Frenchbloke a.k.a Stuart McLean], Special Treatment was the toast of the town back in John Major’s Britain. Things really did need spicing up back then, and the show’s knowledgeable whimsy punctuated by easy listening, exotica and experimental curiosities were a fresh adrenaline boost straight to the heart via a 6 inch steel needle. It’s what we need now. Britain needs Special Treatment once more. We will bring you facts beyond the well-trod paths of Wikipedia. Music never to have been jammed screaming into an mp3 file. And anything else that we think is a bit special. So pour yourself a nice cup of tea. Then top it up with gin. Then think that was a bad idea. But drink it anyway. Welcome to Special Treatment. It's special.

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Winging It
24/01/2013 // Winging It

This afternoon, I'll be winging it. Wish me luck.

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