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Andy Hull, Adverts and Big Boi's Many Meanings
Speaking in Tongues
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   Shed A Little Light
  Foy Vance
   A Search For Former Clarity
  Against Me!
  Fat Wreck Chords
   Photobooth (KFOG Live)
  Death Cab For Cutie
   Love Come Save Me
  Right Away, Great Captain
  Favourite Gentleman
   Walk The Line
  Tallest Man on Earth
  Dead Oceans
   The Mariner's Revenge Song
  The Decemberists
  Kill Rock Stars
   Welcome Home
  Radical Face
   Sax Rohmer #1
  The Mountain Goats
  Absolutely Kosher
   Hip Hop
  Dead Prez
   Memphis Skyline
  Rufus Wainwright
   Rhymes Like Dimes
  MF Doom
  Nature Sounds
   All Boy Band
  Park Ave.
   You Should Be Here
  Raphael Saadiq // D’angelo
   Cinder And Smoke
  Iron & Wine
  Sub Pop
  Manchester Orchestra
  Favourite Gentleman
   Beautiful Liar
   Senaca Falls
  The Distillers
   The Priest
   I Get Down
  Black Box
   Fo Yo Sorrows
  Big Boi
  Def Jam
   In Which Our Hero Finds A Faithful Sidekick
  Plug Research
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