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Spaced Ritual
techno // psychedelic // atmospheric // spacerock

‘Psychedelic’ is a highly permeable concept (not unlike the experience itself), a genealogy leading from technicolour cultural revolution to the outer reaches of sound, science and spirituality. Spaced Ritual is an exploration of introspective, meditative and mind-altering popular music, as well as a discussion of the infinite spiral of what could be considered ‘psychedelic’ phenomena. DJ Deep Fry and guests will be astral travelling from alpha waves to the righteous dirt under Dik Mik’s fingernails, with a selection of kosmik vibes that dissolve subcultural and geographical boundaries, recognising these boundaries as contradictory symbols of systemic oppression and yet necessary mental limitations for the expression of our individual reality. Far out man.

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Inauguration Rites
28/02/2016 // Inauguration Rites

In which DJ Deep Fry begins his trip to the kosmos, with expert tuition from noted intergalactic tour guide Dr. Timothy Leary.

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