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The Enemies List Tape
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// 2m40s: Start of show //
   The Big Gloom
  Have a Nice Life
  Enemies List
// 12m46s: Dan Barrett Interview Pt. 1 //
   I Try
  Sleep In
  Enemies List
   Black Elk Speaks, Chokes And Dies
  Enemies List
// 33m00s: Dan Barrett Interview Pt. 2 //
   The Woods
  Dweller On The Threshold
  Enemies List
   Being A Teenager & Awkwardness Of Backseat Sex
  Planning For Burial
  Enemies List
   Spectral Bride
  Giles Corey
  Enemies List
// 1h04m25s: Dan Barrett Interview Pt. 3 //
   A Quiet Observer Appears
  The Flowers Of St. Francis
  Enemies List
   Boss Of The Plains
  America Addio
  Enemies List
   You Can Bury Me In The East
  Enemies List
// 1h33m45s: Dan Barrett Interview Pt. 4 //
  Enemies List
   Trespassers W
  Have a Nice Life
  Enemies List
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