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Source Tags and Mixtapes
independent // hardcore // alternative // extreme // postmodern

Source Tags & Mixtapes is a growing record collection which is broadcast here, to you, through these airwaves. Sit down and put on some headphones, or just turn it up on your speakers. Take it in, think about it, have an opinion. Get excited, get passionate too. Buy music. Start your own record collection, or build upon an existing one. Look through it. Admire the artwork, flick through the inserts. Source Tags & Mixtapes believes in music as art. Come join.

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2013's best records
28/12/2013 // ST&M AOTY 2013: #10 - #1

We're in that weird period of limbo between the festive period and the new year again, so during that downtime I decided to come into the studio to count down my ten personal favourite albums from this year. One song from one record each accompanied by a little ramble, and that's it. Keeping it simple. Get in touch via Facebook and Twitter to share your own lists, whynot?

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