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   What Would You Do?
  The Living End
   Getting Older/Losing Touch
  The Methadones
  Red Scare
   Flea Market
  Fat Wreck Chords
   Losing Warriors
   Boggie's Not Dead
  The Tokyo Ska Paradise Orchestra
  Cutting Edge
   Tom Ray
  The Busters
   Ashley Sugarnotch
  The Ergs!
   Brian's Problems
  frenzal rhomb
  Fat Wreck Chords
   Cryin' Jag
  Fat Wreck Chords
   Man in the Hockey Mask
  The Sedations
   Psycho Girl
  The Hotlines
  Devil's Jukebox
   My Girlfriend Comes From Outer Space
  The Griswalds
   Don't Trust the Humanoids
  The Lillingtons
  Red Scare
   Elevator Killer
  The Lie Detectors
  White Label
  The Copyrights
  Red Scare
   Back Against the Wall
  The Apers
  Heavy Birth
   Coming Down To Beijing
  Brain Failure // Dicky Barrett
  Bad News
  Pickled Dick
  Don't Rush Me
   Mentally Retarded
  The Riverdales
  Asian Man
  Groovie Ghoulies
   Together Again
  Teen Idols
  Fueled By Ramen
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