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Radio Spytime!
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   Theme from Radio Spytime
   James Bond
  The Selecter
  Two Tone
   Santa Fe-o
  The Lillingtons
  Red Scare
   I think my baby is a communist
  The Briefs
  Revel Yell
   Havana Affair
   Agent for H.A.R.M.
  The Riverdales
  Asian Man
   Private Eye
  Alkaline Trio
   Behind Enemy Lines
  The Apers
   Man from M.I.5
  The Upsetters
   (007) Shanty Town
  Desmond Dekker
   James Bond lives down our street
  The Toy Dolls
   Cloak and Dagger
  The Riptides
  Red Scare
   Private Eye
  The Nipple Erectors
  Big Beat
   International Cover Up
   Deceives the Eye
   Mickey Mouse in Moscow
  The Busters
   Cold Wars
  The Rezillos
   The Russians Are Coming
  The Lillingtons
  Red Scare
   Watching the Detectives
  Elvis Costello & The Attractions
   Oliver's Army
  Go Drowsy
   The State of Florida
  Less than Jake
  Sleep it off
  The Network
Subcity Radio is a non-profit freeform radio station supported by the University of Glasgow Students' Representative Council.
Scottish Charity Number SC006970.