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Sound System
punk // rock // ska // twotone // poppunk

Playing everything from the Clash, the Pistols and Buzzcocks to the latest in punk rock, Sound System also plays the 60s and 70s roots ska that influenced the 1970s' punk rockers and the post-punk 2 tone movement. Expect songs from Stiff Little Fingers, the Specials, The Queers, The Copyrights, Jawbreaker, Green Day, Mad Caddies, The Slackers and more. Aside from the songs you know and love, there will also be tracks each week by local and undergound punk and ska influenced bands. Contact the show to get your tunes played or your gigs advertised.

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today is gonna be loud!
24/04/2009 // Unnamed Episode

After seeing Catch 22 on Wednesday, looking forward to the Flatliners gig this coming Monday and getting my filthy little paws on a whole heap of new music, today's show is gonna be loud, fast and fun. Expect frantic ska and punk from the likes of Streetlight Manifesto, Banner Pilot, Fucked Up, NOFX and more!

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