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Sounds To Have Soup To
alternative // lofi // friendly // cosy // gentle

Sounds To Have Soup To brings you something slower, something left-handed, a collection of crunchy croutons for those rainy mornings or swampy afternoons. We hope to offer you a chance to breathe a bit and be content in the moment - a time to enjoy your soup. From wonky lo-fi pop, to synthesised Indian classical, to scratchy jazz and freaky folk, Sounds To Have Soup To just wants to share this simple moment with you as we explore some alternative contemporary and retro sounds that could mellow any fellow. Come, sit, have some soup.

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   13:00 - 14:00
   Tue, 16/03/2021
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Soup07: Linda McCartney's Stoned Sausage Soiree
02/03/2021 // Soup07: Linda McCartney's Stoned Sausage Soiree

Soup07: Linda McCartney’s Stoned Sausage Soiree

Come take a sit amongst the crocuses as we daydream about the coming spring. We’ll be spinning some folky, psychedelic, vegetarian sounds for ears and minds in need of some gentle sonic sausage.

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