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   A Fifth of Beethoven
  Walter Murphy
  Private Stock
   Hey, Jude
  Mutato Muzika Orchestra
   Five Years
  Seu Jorge
   Nature Boy
  David Bowie // Massive Attack
   Mad World
  Michael Andrews // gary Jules
  Enjoy / Everloving
   All Along the Watchtower
  Bear McCreary // Branden McCreary
  La La Land
   Voodoo Child (Slight Return)
  Stevie Ray Vaughan
   I Ran
  Ska Rangers
   Everybody Needs Somebody to Love
  Blues Brothers
   Beyond the Sea
  Bobby Darin
  Atco / Rhino Atlantic
   Ring of Fire
  Social Distorsion
   Smooth Criminal
  Alien Ant Farm
   White Light, White Heat
  Julian Casablancas
   Where Is my Mind
  Maxence Cyrin
   Song to the Siren
  This Mortal Coil
   Everybody's Talkin'
  Harry Nilsson
   Man in the Long Black Coat
  Mark Lanegan
   Higher Ground
  Franky Perez // the Forest Rangers
   Way Down in the Hole
  Steve Earle
  New West
   The Wicked Messenger
  The Black Keys
   Sweet Jane
  Cowboy Junkies
   Don't Let Me Be Misunderstood
  Santa Esmeralda
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