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Soulful Allsorts
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   A shot of Love
  The Variations
   You take too much time to change
  Free Youth
   Feeling it
  Tom Scott
  Higher Ocean jazz
   Yes my love is real
  Duane Williams
  Soul Junction
   The only time you say love me
  Cisst Houston
   You're so fine
  Papa Bear // The Cubs
   Nobody Likes me
  Willie White
  Gold Soul
   You are everything
  Tom Scott // Anne Nesby
  High Ocean Jazz
   Make believe evrything's alright
  Jimmy Jones
   Can't keep a good man down
  The Four Tops
   Give you what you want
  The Village Choir
   Some lonely heart
  Ronnie Marks
   Strung out on you
  Little Frankie Lee
   I wanna be with you
  Duane Williams
  Soul Junction
   Love don't Love nobody
  Ella Brown
   Offer you can't refuse
  Nate Williams
   Give love to save love
  Judy Clay
   You made me cry
  R Tennard
   Easy does it
   Willie Hutch
   Amazing Love
  James Bell // The Highlighters
  Ro Jam
   Love slipped thru my fingers
  The Ohio Platers
   I'm in Love
  Duane Williams
  Soul Junction
   Cry like a baby
  Dorothy Moore
   You know that I love you
  Oliver Joy
  Big Deal
   Sweet and Wonderful
  Jean Carn
   Play that song
  James Whitney
  James Whitney
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