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Sunshine soul from Soulful Allsorts
Soulful Allsorts
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   Penguin Breakdown
  LJ Reynolds
   If you've got to love somebody
  Tommy tate
   Baby I'm sorry
  The Manhattans
   If you want to love somebody
  Patrick Henry
   Beyond the hurt
   Fishin' pole
  The Mighty Hannibal
   What's with this loneliness
  Chuck Jackson
   God is on our side
  Joe Russell
   Loving you, needing you
  Bobby Hutton
   I'll say forever my love
  Jimmy Ruffin
  Tamla Motown
   Don't wanna lose you
  Grand land
   Let me be the one
  Jean Carne
   I'll love you if you let me
  Buddy Ace
  Tear Drop
   Any other way
  Jackie Shane
   Bring me all your Heartaches
  Grand land
   Life has no meaning
  Brandi Alexander
  Smoke City
   I don't know which way to turn
  McKinley Michell
   I think I'll tell her
  Ronnie Dyson
   Digging on you
  Soul Tone
   When you find a fool bump his head
  Bill Coday
   Don't let me be a Crying man
  Little Johnny Truitt
   I'm the one that should have been
   Put yourself in my place
  The Elgins
  Tamla Motown
   This world of mine
  Jay and The Techniques
  Silver Blue
   A sadness for things
  Calvin Scott
   Just how much hurt (can one heart take)
   Love has finally come
  Bobby Womack
  Beverly Glen
   Just not enough Love
  Terry Huff
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