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Soulful Allsorts
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   Penguin Breakdown
  LJ Reynolds // Chocolate Syrup
   I can't help myself
  Donnie Elbert
   What are you trying to do
  Irma Thomas
   Come back
  Conrad Jackson
  White Label
   I Like to get near you
  Richard Caiton
   I'm gonna let you go this time
  The Reflections
   High on the Hill
  James Epps
  Hollywood Bound
   You can't let the boy overcome the man in you
  Chuck Jackson
   You turn me on
   Stone Good Lover
  Willie Clayton
   Yes i do
  The Marvellos
  Warner Bros.
   Sweet Brown Sugar
  Timmy Thomas
   Settle Down
  Lou Wilson // Today's People
   I don't care what you say
  Sweet Thunder
  Fantasy WMOT
   Love Shortage
  The Symphonics
   Same Time Same Place
  Sweet Linda Divine
   A message to young Lovers
  James Carr
   Your not loving a beginner
  Jesse Fisher
  Way Out
   How do you like your loving
  Ron Cartier
   Good Loving ain't easy to come by
  Marvin Gaye // Tammi Terrel
   First taste of hurt
  Willie Tee
   Lil' Jimmy
  It might be the last time
   Hold onto the Blues
  Walter Thomas
  Real Side
   Come back with your love
  Special Delivery
   You can do it by yourself
  The Dynamos
   Crazy 'bout you baby
  Billy Stewart
   Prove my Love
   That's what friends are for
  Lil' Jimmy
   Open up your soul
  Erma Franklin
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