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Soulful Allsorts
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   Penguin Breakdown
  LJ Reynolds // Chocolate Syrup
   Don't make hurting me a habit
  The Marvelettes
   It won't work out Baby
  The Lost Souls
   I'm still in love with you
  Albert Jones
   Make it look good
  Morris Vaughn
   I Love you
  James Poole
   Baby I'm a fool for you
  Tenison Stephens
   I don't know nobody else
  Lou Courtney
   Make it hard on him
  Inner Space
  Sweet Fortune
   Ain't Nothin' Spooky
  Rudy Love // The Love Family
   The Sly The Slick the Wicked
  Doug Haynes
   I'll always have you there
  Doug Gibbs
   A stone good lover
   He don't ever lose his groove
  Gwen McCrae
   The Ride is over
  Mary Mundy
   You've got the makings of a lover
  The Festivals
   You've never really lived
  Mary Gresham
  Hit and Run
   Bring it home (and give it to me)
  Hot Sauce
  Barbara Jean
   This is Life
   Never too late
  The Individuals
   Sexy Girl
  The 9th Creation
   Have I lost you
  GC Cameron
   If I had a chance to Love you
  Jive (Five) Fyve // Eugene Pitts
   Candy from a baby
  Doris Allen
  Hit and Run
   Don't find me Guilty
  George E Smith
   Just a little love from me
  Ronnie Dyson
   Beautiful People
  Rosie Grier
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