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Soulful Allsorts
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   Penguin Breakdown
  LJ Reynolds // Chocolate Syrup
   You fixed it
  Johnny Moore
  Soul Junction
   This feeling's rated X-tra
  Carl Carlton
  20th Century
   Girl I love you
  Shelley Fisher
   I don't want to have to wait
  Barbara // The Browns
   How long do I have to wait for you
  Sharon Jones // The Dap Kings
   If everybody'd help somebody
  The Mirettes
   Love me
  The Impressions
   Work with it
  Will Easley
   I wanna get into you
  David Dee
   I Like your style
  Lee "Shot" Williams
   My Girl has Gone
  The Miracles
  Tamla Motown
   Let go, baby
  Jim & Lee
   I don't feel no pain
  Final Decisions
  White Label
   Today is the day (and now is the time)
  Hosea Burch jr.
  Elisha Short
  Straight from the Heart
   Just for you
  Oscar Toney jr.
   Yoiu don't know nothing about love
  Howard Tate
   Don't take your love
  Little Samson
  El D
   I've done wrong
  Joe Simon
  White Label
   Disco music keep on going on
  Ernie Johnson
   You got me
  Eddie Ray
   Because I Love Him
  The Marvelettes
   Let's change the subject
  Satisfaction Unlimited
  Hot Wax
   Women can't live by bread alone
  Honey Cone
  Hot Wax
  The Whispers
  Soul Clock
   I'm so happy I found you
  Connie McGill // Visions
   We're gonna run out of time
  Hersey Taylor
  Future Stars
   Maybe it's you
   Where were you
  Willie Clayton
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