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Fraser Dunn presents the best in soul music
Soulful Allsorts
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   Penguin Breakdown
  Chocolate Syrup
   Got to make a move
  The Falcons
  Atkin's All Stars
   I'm the man
  Albert Washington // The Kings
   Do or die
  Port City
   Don't pop the question
  Oliver Cheatham
  Soul Junction
   Take me to the river
  Syl Johnson
   Praise him
  Yvonne Cobbs
   Where did all the Lovin' go
  Teddy Pendergrass
   I need you
  The Temptations
  Tamla Motown
   Got to testify (love)
  Cornelius Brothers & Sister Rose
  United Artists
   You're letting me down
  Ann Sexton
  Seventy 7
   God is on our side
  Yvonne Cobbs
   Something strange is going on
  Koko Taylor
   Don't let yourself get carried away
  Douglas & Lonero
   Don't destroy our love
  Willie Cee
  Cosmic comes
   Cry myself to sleep
  Shirley Wahls // Spouse
  Blue Rock
   Try to leave me if you can
  Bessie Banks
   I was right
  Oscar Perry // The Love Generators
   Come go with me
  The Para-Monts
   Don't let him take your love from me
  The Temptations
  Tamla Motown
   My love is
  Betty Wright
   We're together
  Calvin Richardson
   Why am i supposed to cry
  Soul Connection
   Spread us around
  Timmy Thomas
   Somebody to call my own
  Walt Luv
   Hard working woman
  Otis Clay
   Don't stop short of satisfaction
  Roy C
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