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Soul for a sunny day
Soulful Allsorts
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   Penguin Breakdown
  LJ Reynolds Chocolate Syrup
   Is it love that we're missin'
  Quincy Jones
   Don't take your Love
  Little Samson
  El D
   It is what it is
  Jus Marcus
  Platinum Peach
   What will love tend to make you do
  The Mad Lads
   Love won't let me wait
  Major Harris
   The Rainy Day
  Southern Cookin'
   Let me love you
  Ralph Graham
   Goodness knows
  James Whitney
   Shake me wake me
  The Four Tops
  Tamla Motown
   Yea Yea Yea
  Soul Junction
  Ruby Roberson
  Southern Sound
   Your love is precious
  Patrick Green
   Stay away from me
  Patti Jo
   I'm just your man
  Sonny Green
   I'm a good man
  Renaldo Domino
   I never had it so good
  Walter Jackson
   Count Down
  Denise Lasalle
   Love make everything right
   You'll never walk alone
  Brenda Holloway
   It be's that way
  Caldwell Myrick
   Will she meet the train in the rain
  Greg Perry
  The Four Tops
  Tamla Motown
   Get yourself together
  The Caesars
  Both Sides
   Gimme a little action
   Let your heart be your guide
  Al Jones
  South Union
   Been so wrong
  Aaron Neville
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