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Soulful Allsorts
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   Penguin Breakdown
  LJ Reynolds // Chocolate Syrup
   Goodie Goodie Good Times
  Syl Johnson
   Flow Like a River
  Lola Waxx
   I am your woman she is your wife
  Barbara Mason
   Go on Back to Georgia
  Bobby Adams
   Let me be your Daddy
  Le Prado
   Love is Gone
  The Chi-Lites
   What's the matter with the world
  Lou Rawls
   Keep you near
  Le Brado
   Long lost Love affair
   That's how strong my love is
  Cletie Milon
   Still want you baby
   If I Don't Love You
  Bobby Reed
   Give him up
  The Whatnauts
   Like a loser needs a winner
  Philippe Wynn
   I never Had it so good
   Willie Hutch
   Let's get it together
   She'll never be your wife
  Irma Thomas
   You and you alone
  Lee Mitchell
   Trying to get next to you
  Arnold Blair
  Le Brado
   Baby is there something on your mind
  McKinley Travis
   I believe I'm gonna make it
  Joe Tex
   I'll belong to you
  Jean Shy
   Time heals all wounds
   All alone by the telephone
  JB Bingham
  United Artists
  Barbara St. Clair
  Crosseyed Bear
   I can't dance to the music you're playing
  Martha Reeves // The Vandellas
  Tamla Motown
   Voyage thru the mind
  The Dynamics
  Black Gold
  Le Brado
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