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John MacDonald Guests
Soulful Allsorts
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   Penguin Breakdown
  LJ Reynolds // Chocolate Syrup
   Kiss of Life
  Maydie Myles
   Long Time thing
  The Butanes
   Father, Father
  Little Anthony // The Imperials
   He's got a love (that will last forever)
   I can't give you up
  Shirley Brown
   Baby you really got me going
  Brothers by Choice
   Put something on your mind
  Lee Austin
  International Brothers
   You Gonna miss me
  King Earnest
   No matter where
  GC Cameron
   There's a pain in my heart
  The Poppies
   A Lady's man
  The Volcanos
   Greatest debt to my mother
  Henry Brooks
  P & P
   I Know a man who
  The Rance Allen Group
  the Gospel Truth
   Pisces Pace
  Dave Hamilton
   You gotta hold on me
  Rev OC Tolbert
   He made woman for man
  OV Wright
   I Love you so
  Willie Hightower
   I got the feeling
  Sharon Jones
   Golden Rule
  Charles Bradley // Menehan Street Band
   My love
  Fabulous Caprices
   Tell me you love me
  Bobby Hill
  Lo Lo
   Love is gone
  Richard Marks
   Little Angel
  The Performers
  Sir Graham
   Small things
  Kell osborne
  New birth
   Stop! Let's be united
  The Debonaires
   I need you baby
  Sir Guy
   Just the way you are
  Marv Johnson
   Just be yourself
  Bobby Rush
   My time to win
  Robert Kelly
  One Way
   Won't you please (be my baby)
   Fight for love
  Drake // The En-Solids
   That smile upon your Face
  Leonard Adair
  Stage Production
   Just like the hero
  Ed Cooper
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