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Soulful Allsorts
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   Penguin Breakdown
  LJ Reynolds
   Come on out of the Crowd
  Judy Green
   The day my world stood still
  Chuck Jackson
   Crescent Moon
  Lynden David Hall
   For the sake of love
  Jimmie Raye
   Somebody done took my baby and gone
  Joey Gilmore
  Phil L.A.
   Come to me
  Bennie Braxton
   I'm in love
  Duane Williams
  Soul Junction
   My kind of girl (My Girl)
   Love recipe
  LT Davis
  Sonic Wax
   Don't let it blow your mind
  Johnny Moore
  Sonic Wax
   Make it easy
  Roy Gaines
   Wounded Woman
  Sandra Wright
   Don't knock me
  The Fuller Bros
  Soul Clock
   Can't satisfy
  The Impressions
   One Woman
  Ms. Pennie
  Ms. Pennie
   There's gonna be a showdown
  Denna Johnson & Ricky Davis
   You're my only world
  The 21st Century
   Love won't you hurry
  Red Line
   Depend on me
  Josephine Taylor
   You can make me feel good
  Donna Theodore
   About the facts of life
  Lavelle White
   He knows my key
  Vivian Copeland
   Somebody new is lovin' on you
  Lou Courtney
   Lead me on
  Lavelle White
   Come on let's dance
  Midwest Franchise
   You and me
  Willie & West
   Party wit me
   My whole world ended
  The Spinners
   Tell me
  Willie Clayton
   Penguin Breakdown
  LJ Reynolds
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