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Soulful Allsorts
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   Penguin Breakdown
  LJ Reynolds // Chocolate Syrup
   Come see me
  Jeanette Rudolph
   Party Music
  Pat Lundi
   Baby don't hold your love back
   A fool of the Year
  Sam Dees
   My Heart
  Kello Aman
   I've got to learn to say no
  Richard "Dimples" Fields
   It was a woman
  The Invitations
  Soul Junction
   Goodness Gracious
  Chuck Armstrong
  P Vine
  The Impressions
   The one you can't have all by your self
  Shirley Walton
   Loving Soft Soul
  The Chaumonts
   We'll be satisfied
  Marvin Gaye // Tammi Terrel
   Get it On
  Rodney Johnson
   There is a love
  Jackie Johnson
  High Stacks
   Charles' Shing a Ling
  Charles Hodges
   I'm asking forgiveness
  Tommy Ridgley
  River City
   It must be love
  Full Speed
  Real Thing
   Sooner or later
  The Impressions
   Oh my lord
  Craig Dion
  Tate Music
   She's a play girl
  Ci Ci
  Creative funk
   Baby, baby
  Lee "Shot" Williams
   Have I got A Right
  The Nomads
   That'll be the Day
  The Temptations
   You got me hypnotised
  Ci Ci
  Creative funk
   Same thing it took
  The Impressions
   U won't miss yo Water
  Falisa JaNaye
   She's Gone
  JB Bingham
  United Artists
   How could you be so cold
  Grand Theft
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