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Scottish Soul weekender
Soulful Allsorts
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   Penguin Breakdown
  Chocolate Syrup
   Music of passion
  Percy Larkins
   Git out
  Mitty Collier
   When the boy that you love
  Peggy Gaines
   We got to get an understanding
  Darrow Fletcher
   You're the best in the world
  Johnny Taylor
   A stone good lover
  Jo Armstead
   Treat you nicely
   Hanging on to a lie
  The Natural Four
  Boola Boola
   There's more where that came from
  The Temptations
   Don't fight it
  Wilson Pickett
   I don't want to love nobody but you
  Miss Loustine
   Baby don't wake me
  Del Davis
   Just got paid
  J Blackfoot
   Right,tight and out of sight
  Branding iron
   Temptation is hard to fight
  George McGregor
   Ooh I love you
  Soul Continentals
   Speed Up
  Betty Moorer
   Show and Tell
   A nice girl like you
  The Intruders
   Ow wow man
  Jesse Anderson
  Outta Cyte
   You and me
  Penny and the Quarters
   Give me a little inspiration
  Brenda Holloway
  White Label
   Stuttering Sam
   I think I can
   Tell me who
  5 Stairsteps
   Just being myself
  Dionne Warwick
   Am I hot, Am I cold
  Bill Harris
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