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Soulful Allsorts
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   Penguin Breakdown
  LJ Reynolds // Chocolate Syrup
   I Like spending my time with you
   Let me be the one
  Jean Carne
   Soothe Me
  Angel Risoff
  Real Side
   I think I would Cry
  Fourth Creation
   Oh baby
  Ike and Tina Turner
   Oh what a feeling
  Solomon Burke
  One World
   I feel your love changing
  Jesse James
  Soul Junction
   Can't wait till the weekend
  Bill Spoon
  Soul Junction
   Love on my mind tonight
  The Temptations
   When you get right down to it
  Aretha Franklin
   Everybody saw you
  Ruby Andrews
  Barbara St. Clair
  Crosseyed Bear
   If you don't want the man
  Joe Tex
   Secret Love
  Billy Kennedy
   Is it because I'm Black
  Ken Boothe
   That is Why (I still Love You)
  Sherlynn Whittiker
   Everything about you
  Solomon Burke
  One World
   How to love a woman
  The Mandells
  Trans World Sound
   Here it is (The Philly Dawg)
   Suspicious Love
  Jimmy James // The Vagabonds
   Where would I be without you
  The Supremes // The Four Tops
  Tamla Motown
   He took my hand
  Bette Williams
   Tell me
  Spyder Turner
   Something inside my head
  Gene Dunlap
   Long distance love affair
  Marcelle Joseph
   Let your Heart be your guide
  Al Jones
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