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Kenny Burrell Guests
Soulful Allsorts
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   Settle Down
  Lou Wilson // Today's People
  Soul Junction
   Seven Letters
  Ray Phillips
   Hey Girl don't bother me
  The Tams
   This Heart of mine
  The Artistics
   Don't let true love die
  The Supremes
  White Label
   World so wide nowhere to hide
  Jimmy Ruffin
   Do I Love you
  Frank Wilson
  White Label
   25 Miles
  Delights Ork
  Virtue Acetate
   Because I Love you
  Chip Tyler
   Now you've got the upper hand
  Candi Staton
   They'll never know why
  Freddie Chavez
   No one else can take your place
   There's the mountains
  The Trips
   What do you think I am
  Chico Lamarr
   Love can't be modernized
  The Trips
   Let's try it again
  Gerri Shrivers
   It's our time to fall in love
  Cody Black
   I'm useless
  Charles Smith
   She's my woman
  Bobo Mr. soul
   Don't walk away
  Cheryle Thompson
   Wasted Years
  August Moon
  The Servicemen
   Sweet Temptation
  Ward Burton
   Sad Town
  Jimmy Elledge
   Let's take a look at our life
  Emory and The Dynamics
   I want you so bad
  unknown artist
  Associated Acetate
   Show me that you miss me
  unknown artist
  Associated Acetate
   I can feel him slipping away
  Tobbi Bowe
   What side your bread is buttered on
  Diane Pane
   I got find me a baby
  The Inticers
  Baby Luv
   I'm such a lonely one
  The Oxford Nights
   Fools don't laugh
  Rose St. John // The Wonderettes
   When we're Together
  Joe Simon
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