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Soulful Allsorts
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   Penguin Breakdown
  LJ Reynolds // Chocolate Syrup
   How can I get next to you
  George Jackson
   Your Love
  The Moment of Truth
   Never Die
   Gone on
  Marvin Sease
   I'm so proud
  Linda Clifford // Curtis Mayfield
   Any Day now
  Percy Sledge
   When he slowly moves away from you
  The Rotations
   It takes too much for man to take too long
  Eric // The Vikings
   Listen to me
  Eddie Johns
   Around the world
   No Time
  The Gliders
   He'll never love you like i do
  The Spinners
   No Me- No You
   I'm in love with the girl next door
  Rue Davis
  Kon Kord
   I Can't get over you
  Traffic Jam
   A new way to hurt me
  Bobby Adams
   The best in me
  Bill Stone
  Right Road
   Only you
  John Butler
   I gotta see my baby
  Jimmy (Preacher) Ellis // The Odd Fellows
   Why when love is gone
  The Originals
  Visions of a new world
  New world
   Sweet Talk and Melodies
   What would your daddy say
  The Earles, Inc
  Tee -Ti
   It must be love baby
  Chuck Jackson // Yvonne Fair
   Don't you care
  Alice Clark
  Lenny Williams
   Something in my eye
  The Music City Soul Brothers
  Music City
   Happy 'bout that
  Tower of Power
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