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Soulful Allsorts
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   Penguin Breakdown
  LJ Reynolds
   Give me your Love right now
  Bobby Moore
   I gave you love with an "A Plus"
  Jesse James
  Soul Junction
   To the ends of the earth
  Tony Middleton
   Your love puzzles me
  The California Girls
   Girl, This boy loves you
  The Newcomers
   How can I tell her
  Charm City
   Lenient with your love
  Lenny Coney
   I'm gonna keep my love at home
  Donnie Ray
   One more hurt
  Candi Staton
  White Label
   Ooh you (put a crush on me)
  The Originals
   Letter to a Buddie
  Joe Medwick
   She'll never say it
   Still the one
   Ain't that loving you
  Wilson Williams
  How Big
   Your Eyes
  Ray Frazier
  The Carriage Trade
   The road is rough
  Bobby Thomas
   What a lovely way to meet
  True Movement
  Mystic Insight
   Old Time Lover
  Joe Tex
   I could never love another
  Mizz L
   I'm for you, you for me
  The Dealers
  Muscle Soul Sounds
   Stanky (get Funky)
  Billy Davis
   Gone is the laughter of you
  LC Grier
   Love bug leave my heart alone
  Martha & The Vandellas
  Tamla Motown
   If I can't stop you
  CB Overton
   I won't think hard of you
  Rocky Roberts
   Wash and wear love
  Lynn Varnado
   My lady is my baby
  Quinn Golden
   Gunning for love
  The Controllers
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