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Soulful Allsorts
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   Penguin Breakdown
  LJ Reynolds
   What goes up
   Stop that train
  Milt Matthews
   What's your name
  Duane Williams
  Soul Junction
   When the boy that you love
  Peggy Gaines
   Young boy
  Barbara Greene
   These eyes
  Jnr. Walker & the All-Stars
  Tamla Motown
   I can't make it by myself
  Rev. Donnie Hardiman
   Love ain't nothin' but pain
  Marvin Smith
   Good people
  Billy Webster
   Somebody else's somebody
  Harvey Scales
  Kash Gold
   I can't see your love
  The Ballads
   Believe in me
  Floyd Henley
   If it is that way
  Dink Perry
   When you're next to me
  The Lovemakers
   It's not too late
  Al Johnson
   Song of the bells
  Jean Wells
  Quaker Town
   She didn't know (she kept on talking)
  Dee Dee Warwick
   Loving you is sweeter than ever
  The Four Tops
  Tamla Motown
   Left with a broken heart
  Rhonda McDaniel
  Real Side
   The man in the street
  William Bell
   It's got to be tonight
  Little Willie Johnson
  Li Jan
   I'm so happy that love has found you
   Oh me, oh my (wonderful)
  Duane Williams
  Soul Junction
   You can't stop me from loving you
  Robert Evans & Universal Love
   Keep that same old feeling
  George Butts
   Use ta be my girl
   Midnight Affair
  Sandra Wright
   You sure love to ball
  Marvin Gaye
   Take me where the sun never shines
  Johnny Soul
  SSS International
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