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Soulful Allsorts
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   Penguin Breakdown
  LJ Reynolds
   If this is Love
  The Precisions
   Are you ready for Love
  Joy Fleming
  Private Stock
   Play it Cool
  The Bonnevilles
   No Brag Just fact
  The Hesitations
   Trying to be Chosen
  James Bell // Highlighters band
  Three Diamonds
   When (will you be coming home)
  JJ Lewis
  LJ Reynolds
   Our Thing
  The Futures
   I'm not a Plaything
  Marv Johnson
   Say So
  La-Jay Alexander
  Black Gold
   We've got Love
  Charles Allen
   Don't tell her the truth
  Joe Hinton
   His hands
  Candi Staton
  Honest Jon’s
   Make it sweet
  Coke Escovedo
   When you are who you are
  Gil Scott-Heron
   What can I tell Her
  JP Robinson
   (I want you to) make love to me
  Honey // The Bees
   Later Baby
  The Lovations
  Cap City
  Bob & Gene
  Mo Do
   Am I Losing you
  The Volumes
   I'm a Lonely man
  Al Christian
   I miss my baby
  U.S. Music // Funkadelic
   The Price
  The Sherrell Brothers
   For your Love I Live
  Angela // The Group
   I love you
   Take my Love
  Willie // The Mighty Magnificents
  All Platinum
   Let's get Together
  Fantastic Epics
   Baby I Love you
  Jimmie Ellis
   One more Day
  Kenny Smith // The Loveliters
   Nobody's gonna get your mama
  Peggy Scott
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