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Day off
Soulful Allsorts
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   Shake off that dream
  Eddie Billups
  Seventy 7
   Tears and Misery
  Sonny Til
   Let me love you
   It's not where you start
  Luckey Davis
   I wanna thank you
  The Quotations
   Frame of Mind
  Vernon Burch
  United Artists
   You're just about to lose your clown
  Ray Charles
   Love just don't rub off
   Something fishy is going on
  Universal Mind
  Red Coach
   Save love at any cost
  Sam Dees
   How can I go on without you
  Corey Blake
   Cloud Nine
  Gladys Knight and The Pips
   I just want your body
  Willie John
   Our love is dying
  Kae Williams
   Alone with you
  Thee Image
   Baby Your Lovin'
  Electric empire
  Soul Togetherness
   Don't walk away
  The Four Tops
   Baby I cried, Cried, Cried
  Charles Johnson
   I don't want to take a chance
  Wee Willie Walker
   Do you Believe it
  Jack Montgomery
   My kind of girl (My girl)
   Want to know more
  Love music 2000
   One more chance
  Shirley Lawson
  Soul City
   Get ready for the get down
  Z. Z. and Company
   Keep on Doin'
  Glen Jones
   Lighten Up
  Ty Karim
   Give me a little Inspiration
  Brenda Holloway
   It's not easy to say Goodbye
  Ghetto Children
   Come on let me love you
  Moses Smith
   I'm so in love with you
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