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Fiona and Zane select the tunes
Soulful Allsorts
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   Penguin Breakdown
  LJ Reynolds
   Key to the world
  The Dramatics
   Give me your Heart
  William "Smoke" Howard
  Swing City
   There will never be any peace
  The Chi-Lites
   Are you sure you want to give me your love
  Lonnie Robertson
  Sunshine Movement
   Give the woman a chance
  Sweet Chalres Sherrel
   Sitting there that night
  Darrow Fletcher
   This can't be happening to me
  Bobby Thurston
   I know what love is
  Clay Hammond
  Lew Kirkton
   We're almost home
  Solomon Burke
   Just the way (I want her to be)
  Emmanuel Laskey
  Music Now
   Falling out of love
  Derek Martin
   Don't tear down what took so long to build
  GC Cameron
   Sweet Sticky thing
  Ohio Players
   Who Could be loving you
  Jackie Ross
   Do you love me
  Quiet elegance
   The makings of you
  Curtis Mayfield
   Sweet Harmony
  Smokey Robinson
  Tamla Motown
   I still love you
  Eddie Steele
   Don't take her for granted
  Ron Henderson // Choice of Colour
   Let's straighten it out
   I'm gonna wait
  George Jackson
   Love coming at us
  The Gibson Brothers band
   I just wanna be there
  Ed Robinson
   If it was me
  Sundray Tucker
   I don't believe in losing
  The Major IV
   Anyone can tell (We're in love)
  Clyde McPhatter
   Beautiful Feeling
  Darrell banks
   You make my life
  Aretha Franklin
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