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Soulful Allsorts
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   Penguin Breakdown
  Chocolate Syrup
   Fill your life with love
  The Controllers
   Heart's devotion
  Nikita // Louis Price
   Use Me
   All of a sudden my heart sings
  Jean Du Shon
   Running out of time
  Real Side
   Fight that Feelin'
  The Exciters
   Free yard sale
  Cleveland P Jones
   Why did you take her away
  Brother Elray Johnson
  King Solomon
   Your love
  Vernon Harrell
   Please sunrise
  Gene Chandler
  20th Century
   I feel your love Changing
  Jesse James
  Soul Junction
   One more Chance
  Lady Sunshine
   Don't let her love go
  Soul Junction
   Always together
  The Dells
  Darrow Fletcher
  Kent promo
   I've got to get away
  Tommy Good
  Tamla Motown
  The Four Tops
   What can a man do
  Harold Melvin and the Bluenotes
   Taking it lightly
  Danielle Stilo
   String of My heart
  Eddie Mayberry
  Blue Town
   Running out of fools
  Aretha Franklin
   Treat me so cold
  Inner City Blues band
  Blue Gill
   Get loose when you get loose
  Jesse Anderson
   Boys Don't Care
  Reba Thomas // Van lee's Cruisers
   Tell me you love me
  John Gates
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