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Soulful Allsorts
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   Penguin Breakdown
  LJ Reynolds // Chocolate Syrup
  Bobby Sheen
  Warner Bros.
  Gloria Gaynor
   Just my woman and me
  Donnie Ray
   What's happenning
  Tony Hester
  Sonic Wax
   I'll always loved you
  Bill Spoon
  White Label
   I'll never stop loving you
  Leon Patillo
   I wanna make love
  Li'l fallay
  Li'l Fallay
   Just because of you
  Rocky Roberts
   Got myself a good man
  Gladys Kinght // The Pips
   There's a brighter day somewhere
  James Cleveland
   I thank you baby
  Bill Spoon
  White Label
   To make you feel like a woman
  Roy C
  Three Gems
   Goofer Dust
  Big Lucky
   Steppin' in
  Leon Cook
   Little miss Soul
  The Lovettes
   I wouldn't change the man
   Can't get over you
  James Simpson Band
   When you're next to me
  The Lovemakers
   Love is on the way
  Bill Spoon
  White Label
   I Love you but I'll leave you
  Twin Stacks
  The Emotions
   Feel like travelling on
  Reverend Leroy Liddell // The First family
   Million Dollars
  Soul Generation
   No way to live
  Bill Spoon
  Soul Junction
   I'll always love you
   I'll be good to you
  Donnie Ray
   Can't stop singin' ('bout the boy I love)
  Shirley Alston
   Stand by me
  Spyder Turner
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