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Soulful Allsorts
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   Penguin Breakdown
   Something fishy going
  Universal Mind
  Red Coach
   Yes Sir Brother
  Shirley Brown
   Will you be coming back
  A E J Rice
   I'd rather leave on my feat
  Emmanuel Lasky
   My baby just cares for me
  Nina Simone
  Martha and the Vandellas
   Saying goodbye ain't easy
  Chuck Colbert
   Walk on By
  The Chocolate Company
   Can I change my mind
   Let me do my thing
  Ferry Ultra // Gwen McCrae
  Peppermint Jam
   All in my mind
  George Jackson
   I'm at the Breaking Point
  Spencer Wiggins
   Hold on He's coming
  Mike Jemison
  Soul Junction
   Charles' Shing a ling
  Charles Hodge
   The Invitation
  Johnny Copeland
   Tell me
  Willis Johnson // The JM 's Funk Factory
   Dance on it
  California Flight project II
  Black Diamond
   She's miss wonderful
  Bobby McClure
   Seeing you Again
  Jewel Bass
   Is there anything I can do
  The Four Tops
  Tamla Motown
   Shake well before you use me
  Art & Honey
   Tell me how long
   Just to see your face
  Odd Squad
   The reality of life
  Jimmy Connor
   He's gonna love me the right way
  Olivia Alexander
  Veda Brown
   Toast to the Fool
   Out of out of mind
  Tommy tate
   I ain't got no love
  Milt Matthews // Uprising
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