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Soulful Allsorts back with the tracks
Soulful Allsorts
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   Penguin Breakdown
  LJ Reynolds // Chocolate Syrup
   Loving you (is the best thing that ever happened t
  Little Milton
   Somebody help me
  Otis Brown
   Stand by Me
  Spyder Turner
   No Matter where
  GC Cameron
   I'm in love with Loving you
  Jesse James
  Soul Junction
   Look at me, look at me
  Vernon Greene
   Keeper of the castle
  The Four Tops
   Some sweet Day
  Tony Gregory
  Tee Gee
   I'm gonna cramp you style
  Junior Wells
  Bright Star
   What can I do I'm so in love with you
  Jean Shy
   Come lay some lovin' on me
  Jimmy James // The Vagabonds
   Seventeen Days of loving you
   I got the feeling
  Jesse James
  Soul Junction
  Darrow Fletcher
  White Label
  Mell Hueston
  Cez Vista
   She's Gone
  Forth Session
   Love won't you hurry
  Red Line
   Don't you know
  Sharon Scott
  Big Cheese
   The Joy
   I love her more
  Randolph Walker
   Give me a touch of your love
  Eugene Saunders
  Golden Wheels
   What you gonna do with me baby
  The Four Tops
   Let Me Show you
  Jesse James
  Soul Junction
   Feminine Ingenuity
  Ruby Sherry
  Take 6
   Paint your self in the corner
  Al Supersonic // The Teenagers
   Girl I love you
  Shelley Fisher
   Don't let a love go
  Soul Junction
   I need you, You need me
  Joe Simon
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