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The return of Dave Box
Soulful Allsorts
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   Penguin Breakdown
  LJ Reynolds // Chocolate Syrup
   Something's Drastically wrong
  Henry Shed
   Shake Cheri
  The Hopkins Brothers
  Soul Junction
   Turn back the hands of time
  Lionel Hampton
   There's not too many more (left like him)
  Jo Armstead
   I let him take me (in his arms)
  Ruby Andrews
   Come back home
  Big Ella
   Big city lights
  Cleo Randle
   Wayward Dream
  Annette Poindexter
   Love me
  Billy Stewart
   So sweet, so satisfying
  Bobby Treetop
   Winner takes all
  Geraldine Hunt
   If you love me
   What have i got now
  Darrow Fletcher
   Life this hurt
  Chosen Few
   Yesterday's mistakes
  Jimmy Jones
   Why do you want to make me sad
   Walls that separate us
  Walter Jackson
   It's paradise
  Lenny Vestel
   Wasting time
   Lost in the city
  Big 3
  Mark V Unlimited
   If love could be with us
  Paul Jones
   Give me one more chance
   Forever together
  Ray Pettis
  Dee Dee
   Lost love
  Reginald Day
   Your Love's got me
   It's those little things that count
  John Edwards
   Never missed what you got
  El Shobey & Co
   The bad brought the good
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