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Soulful Allsorts
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   Penguin Breakdown
  LJ Reynolds // Chocolate Syrup
   This time with Feeling
  Nate Evans // Mean Green
   Hang Tough
  Sam Dees
  After All
   Will you Love my Child
  Anna Raye
  Quality Sould
   Sad Girl
  Third Guitar
   Sunshine, Roses and rainbows
  Chocolate City
   All That Shines is not Gold
   Going through the motions of Love
  Frankie Gearing
  Beale St.
   She'll never say it
  Directions // Directions Band
   Got to get away
   One Nighter
  Dynamic Superiors
   She's Gone
  Little Beaver
  Esther Phillips
   Another Sundown in watts
  James Conwell
   Just a Part of Life
  Five Crowns
   Mighty Mighty Love
  Lee Fields
  Angle 3
   I'll Go Crazy
  Clarence Dobbins
  Frankie Gearing
  Beale St.
  Lionel Robinson
   You got to do better
  Lonnie Jones
   Women like it harder
  Milton Parker
   It's you Baby
  Garnet Mimms
   If you got to love somebody
  Tommy tate
   Mama you're all right with me
  The Four Tops
   Seems like I gotta do wrong
   True Believer
  Chuck Jackson
  All Platinum
   Spinning Top
  Frankie Gearing
  Beale St.
   I love you so much
  George Butts
  K Class
   Can't move no mountains
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