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Soulful Allsorts
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   Penguin Breakdown
  LJ Reynolds
   Ordinary Joe
  Terry Callier
   All of a sudden
  Melvin Moore
  Sky Hero
   I'm gonna Ball baby
  MJ Wade
   Rain, Rain go away
  Audio // Vince Broomfield
  Soul Junction
   Love is better
  Luckey Jamal Davis
  Big City
   I'll always be here
  The Impressions
   That ain't love
  Alfreda James
  Lake Michigan
   Simple Things
  Minnie Ripperton
   I'm still a struggling Man
  Edwin Starr
   Look in the mirror of my eyes
  Percy // Them
  Frank Everett
  Big Smoky
   We got a good thing going
  Street Corner Symphony
   Just what the doctor ordered
  Audio // Vince Broomfield
  Soul Junction
   When did you stop
  The J's
   I Love you (over and over)
  J W Mcgee
   Time ain't gonna do me no favors
  Frederic Hymes III
  Fab Vegas
   Just to be with you
   I don't just want your body
  Wille John
   Just 24 Hours (To find my baby)
  Edwin Starr
   You're off and Running
  Chocolate Syrup
   Nothing is too good (for you baby)
  Jamal Trice
   I'm Falling in Love (I feel good all over)
  Fantastic Four
   I'd rather leave on my feet
  Emanuel Lasky
   Till I get home
  The Perfections
   Only your Love
  The Tymes
   I Don't Know
  Bobby Womack
  United Artists
   We're On Our Way
  Warner Bros.
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