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Soulful Allsorts
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  Gloria Shannon
  Real Side
   what do you want from me girl
  Cecil Shaw
  Frank Everett
  Big Smoky
  How can I tell her
  Charm City
   You're still the Lightning
  Candi Staton
   My Love's Gonna getcha
   Ocean of Love
  Nancy Wilson
   When little Jesse hit the set
  Fred Ross
   Loving Rules
  Patti Labelle // The Bluebelles
   What's wrong baby
  Rudy Ludaway
  United Artists
   You make me feel like someone
  Jerry Butler
   Want you so much
  Jimmy James
   Somebody is always messing up a good thing
  Honey Cone // Sharon Cash
  Hot Wax
   People wake up and live
  James Brown // The J.B.'s
   Do the Right Thing
  Steven Perrilloux
  White Label
   You've got everything
  Rain Bows Valley
  Half Moon
   I really Love you
  James Lewis Fields
  Top Pop
   I fell asleep
  Chuck Jackson
  All Platinum
   Jesus is Love
  Harold Daniels
   Wrapped around your Finger
  Table of Contents
   Say it's only a rumor
  Sam Dees
  Pen Pad
   Got to be mellow
  Jackie Jackson
   Can you stand the test of Love
  Mighty Sam McClain
   Things that a lady ain't supposed to do
  Emory and The Dynamics
   Bad Luck
  Harold Melvin // the Bluenotes
   Baby Don't wake me
  Del Davis
   a brighter day is coming
  Elaine Norwood
   I'll Keep holding On
  Billy Jones
  Blue elephant
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