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Soulful Allsorts
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   Penguin Breakdown
  LJ Reynolds // Chocolate Syrup
   Can't accept the fact
   Bet you Never Thought about it
   Love don't get better than this
  John Ellison
  After Hours
   Settle Down
  Lou Wilson // Today's People
  Soul Junction
   Ain't no use
  Leon Haywood
   Must have lost my mind
  King Ernest
  Fat Possum
   The Onion Song
  Marvin Gaye // Tammi Terrel
   In and out of love
  Jewel Bass
   All Those lies
  Danny Williams
  Musical Energy
   I don't want to slip away
  Cleveland Martin // The Soul Sets
  Single B
   I've lost everything I've ever loved
  David Ruffin
   Keep my wheels turning
  Beres Hammond
   I can't help but smiling
  Jesse James
   Why is leaving you (so hard to do)
  Doris Badie
  Billy Butler // The Chanters
   Give Love A Chance
   Something Gonna happen
  Eaton Williams
   Sure hope you mean it
  Raphael Saadiq
   I'll love you (if you let me)
  Buddy Ace
  Tear Drop
   Live while you can
  Tommy Ridgley
   Leave something worthwhile
  The Relatives
  Heavy LIGHT
  Phil Flowers
   Tell it to your love
  Sound Hut
   Girl I need you too
  Brothers by Choice
   I'll Say forever my Love
  Jimmy Ruffin
  Tamla Motown
   Will you be there
  Anna Raye
  Quality Sound
   I'm your puppet
  Bobby Womack
   I can't believe
  High Society
   Play something pretty
  Uvee hayes // Otis Clay
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