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Soulful Allsorts
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   Penguin Breakdown
  LJ Reynolds // Chocolate Syrup
   Right Track
  Denise Lasalle
   Who is he
  Bill Withers
  Dan Greer
  Sounds of Memphis
   Don't walk away
  Li'l fallay
  Li'l Fallay
   Take your time
  Morris Francis
   I'm the one that loves you
  Bill Spoon
  Soul Junction
   Call on me
   Home to me
  Tortured Soul
  Sonic Wax
   It takes a whole lotta man for a woman
  Gladys Knight // The Pips
   What's the matter baby
  The Love Foundation
   Long walk on a short pier
   I can handle it
  The Pacesetters
   Take me back
  Cross Fire
   To get love you've got to bring love
  Debra Johnson
   Ain't nobody gonna make me change my mind
   Overflowing for you
  Jewel Bass
  Special Agent
   I can't wait
  Bill Spoon
  Soul Junction
   My Carolina Girl
  Admiral Ice
  Admiral Shohn Ice
   Between you baby and me
  Linda Clifford and Curtis Mayfield
   It's out of the Question
  Isley Brothers
  Tamla Motown
   Tell Me
  Sharon Jones // The Dap Kings
   in the name of loneliness
  Little Reuben
   Everything you always wanted to know about love
  Lou roberts
   Make me the woman you want to come home to
  Gladys Knight // The Pips
   Point of no return
  Clem Curtis
   Don't let the clean up woman pick up your man
  Sweet Angel
   Cry like a baby
  Aretha Franklin
   One Night affair
   Why must we say goodbye
  Al Hudson // The Soul Partners
   Strong as death (Sweet as Love)
  Al Green
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