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Soulful Allsorts
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   Penguin Breakdown
  Chocolate Syrup
   Don't you know a true love (when you see one)
  The O'Jays
   Good ole Soul
  Randolph Walker
  Jay Lewis
   It's over
  Cleveland P Jones
   Please Don't Go
  Ruby Sherry
  Take 6
   I feel so Bad
  Jackie Edwards
   Look at your self
  Ray Franklin // Art Benton
   Don't let her love go
  Soul Junction
   One woman
  Jo Ann Garret
   Clip my wings
  The Four Tops
  Tamla Motown
   Love makes the world go round
  The Pool Shooters
   Help Wanted
  Jesse Anderson
   For you
  Superior Movement
   I'll come running back
  Delegates of Soul
   Lean on me
  The Teenagers // Al Supersonic
   Throw away me
  Queen Emily
   One minute of your time
  Phi LA of soul
   Guess who I am fooling
  Pat Jarvis
   I'm in love again for the first time
  The Gambells
   I'll miss you always
  The Controllers
   So good to be alive
  Wiliiam Singers
   I get my groove
  Bobby Paterson
   You can use me
  Jamie Williams
  Miss Butch
   I want it all
  Ike Lovely
   Starving for your love
  The Four Tops
   Don't cry
  Gwen Simmons
   You do that to me
  Sonny Mack
   Dragging me down
   Wheel of fortune
  The Jades
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