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Steve Edgar guests
Soulful Allsorts
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  LJ Reynolds // Chocolate Syrup
   We're gonna make it through
  Natural Impulse
  Soul Junction
   Love Changes
  Charlene // The Soul Serenaders
   Wishing, waiting, Hoping
  Tony Owens
   It's just a picture
  The Intrepids
   Accept me
  The Diplomats
   Under the Street lamp
  Joe Bataan
   Dreams of a shoeshine Boy
  The Light Drivers
   A Love that's real
  Emory // The Dynamics
   I should be loving You
  The Enchanters
  Delta Ltd
   Don't Say Goodbye
  Jean King
   Mr. Lonely Heart
  Oma Heard
   It's you that I want
  Ramona King
   That's a good reason
  Sharon Clark // The product of Time
   You must be a blessing
  Albert Jones
   On the other side
  Lee Jones // The Sounds of Soul
   You got me
   I didn't know
  The Invitations
  Silver Blue
   Come down in time
  Eugene Pitts // The Jyve Fyve
  Avco Embassy
   Stranger at my door
  The Fuller Brothers
   Just the other day
  Johnny Truitt
   (My Girl) She's a fox
  The Icemen
   Lenient with my love
  The Relatives
   How can I
  The Spinners
   At the end of the day
  John Bowie
   Put a smile on your face
  EJ & The Echoes
  Diamond Jim
   Little Miss Sweetness
  The Vipers
   Baby you need me
  The Specials
   She's hurting me
  Milton Harris
   Rainbow Road
  Bill Brandon
   Seems you Forsaken my love
  Maxine Brown
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